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1. Silicone Foam Sheet

Description of Silicone Foam Sheet:

Hardness: 1-45

Thickness: 1.5-15 MM

Size: 1.2 *1.4 M (or to be customized at user's request)

Color: Yellow, Blue, Red.

Characteristics of Silicone Foam Sheet:

Aside from overall tenacity and strong stability at high temperature, organic silicone form rubber also features inertness which can not delivered by any other form lining or cushion material.

Applications of Silicone Foam Sheet:

Silicone foam sheet is extensively used in various industries.

2. EPDM Foam Sheet

Description of EPDM Foam Sheet:

Thickness: 50 MM

Size: 1000mm*2000mm (or to be customized at user's request).

Color: Yellow, Blue, Red.

Characteristics of EPDM Foam Sheet:

1. Suitable to be used for packing, due to its lightweight, tearing strength and high elasticity to provide protection for the packed products.

2. To be used as construction materials.

3. As materials for shoes.

4. Environmental noise-obsorbing properties.

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