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Rubber Hose Line Plus

Hose structure is usually divided into: the inner layer, the outer layer and the skeleton layer (or intermediate layer). The tube directly bear the conveying medium wear, erosion; the outer layer to protect the body from the external environment of hose damage and erosion; skeleton layer is the layer of pressure hose, tube gives strength and stiffness. Hose working pressure depends on the material and structure of the skeleton layer.

1 Full rubber hose

Full rubber hose

Different skeleton layer, the common hose are:

Full rubber hose (no fabric material)

Fabric hose (skeleton layer is a fabric layer)

2 Fabric hose

Fabric hose

Suction hose (outer fabric layer and a layer of metal spiral for work under vacuum conditions)

Braided hose (skeleton layer of woven wire or fabric)

Winding hose (skeleton layer wire or cord winding layer, endurance is common in 80 ~ 600MPa even higher pressures)

3 Foam hose

Suction hose

Knitted hose (skeleton layer knitted fabric)

Concrete Pump Hose
Concrete Pump Hose
Concrete Pump Hose
Concrete Pump Hose
Rubber Hose
Rubber Hose
Rubber Hose
Industrial hose product training for new colleagues 2016/5/28

Today we have launched industrial hose product training for new colleagues Lecturers have a full prepared and the content is very rich.

Training content mainly on the kind of industrial pipe, includes pipe material, research and development, manufacturing process, specifications, packaging, etc.

Time: 9: 00, Jeff explain air hose

10: 30, Wandy explain water hose

3: 30, Claire explain oil hose

15: 00, Kathy explain chemical hose

16: 30, Mandy explain steam hose.

New employees study very seriously and actively ask questions, we actively participate in the discussion, and the atmosphere is very harmonious. Through one-day learning ,new employees learn a lot. The training will last two weeks, every day new knowledge will be delivered to others.

What is a rubber hose? 2016/6/14

Rubber hoses have a widely uses in vehicles, in industry and at home. In a word, a rubber hose is a flexible tube used to suction and discharge liquids or gases. Rubber hoses come in various material makeups and size. The best hose for a given job will depend on what the hose is made of, and its strength and size. Rubber hoses require couplings or other attachments that are usually made of metal or plastic to connect to machines, devices, spigots or other hoses.

A rubber hose will be made of natural rubber or synthetic rubber. Hoses made of other materials such as plastic, vinyl, silicone, or other specialized materials may be used for similar applications. Natural rubber has several advantages as a material for hoses and tubing. It has superior elasticity, can withstand high temperatures and pressures, can be translucent or come in a variety of bright colors and requires less energy to produce than many synthetic materials.


Rubber hoses are essential in many industries and keep our vehicles, homes, restaurants, gas stations, hospitals and many other places running smoothly. Arguably, the most famous type of rubber hose is the fire hose, which is typically lined with natural rubber. Other examples of industries that depend on rubber hoses are the chemical industry, food industry, petroleum and mining, and medicine. We have hoses throughout our homes in our kitchen and bathroom fixtures and appliances, and commonly use hoses when doing watering and cleaning chores outside. Rubber hoses are also important parts of the cooling systems of cars and other vehicles.

All rubber hoses are prone to kinking, which occurs when the hose gets tangled or folds upon itself when liquid is running through it. Proper care of rubber hoses helps prevent kinking. Always shut liquids off at the source when you are finished with the hose, and avoid extreme temperatures when possible. For garden hoses, heavier duty hoses tend to be more kink resistant, and attaching a collar specifically designed for this purpose to the hose at the spigot may help, as will rolling up the hose after use.

Very useful information! 2016/6/21

Concrete pump hose / Gunite hose, they used to call "concrete spray tube." Shotcrete machine shotcrete tube, blasting tubes length 18 meters, 16 meters and other specifications, diameter 51 type and 64 type.

Concrete pump hose plays a major role of shot concrete, for dry mixing method and the wet mix method, used in the concrete pump, concrete Jets. Formulated from highly wear-resistant material made of synthetic rubber and nano inner layer, steel wire reinforcing layer and corrosion-resistant outer layer, shotcrete tube material made of wear-resistant rubber, outer and inner layers.

Size ID (mm); Working pressure(Mpa); Test Pressure (Mpa); Burst Pressure (Mpa)
¢ 16 16 ± 0.75 0.6 1.2 2.4
¢ 19 19 ± 0.75 0.6 1.2 2.4
¢ 25 25 ± 1.25 0.6 1.2 2.4
¢ 32 32 ± 1.25 0.6 1.2 2.4
¢ 38 38 ± 1.5 0.6 1.2 2.4
¢ 51 51 ± 1.5 0.4 1.2 1.6
¢ 64 64 ± 1.5 0.4 1.2 1.6

Silicone hose for your lovely car! 2016/6/27

Automotive silicone tubes to deliver gas, liquid, granular material or paddle a class of silicone rubber products, inner and outer layer and backbone layer, layer of material available cotton fiber skeleton, a variety of synthetic fibers, carbon fibers or asbestos, steel and so on. Inner and outer layer materials are generally car silicone tube with natural rubber, styrene-butadiene rubber or butadiene rubber, oil hose chloroprene rubber, nitrile rubber, acid, high temperature hose using ethylene-propylene rubber, fluorine rubber or silicone rubber. Its easy to bend, can buffer size, light weight, ease of use and installation, wide range of uses, such as irrigation agriculture on farmland, harbor dredging mud suction paddle in, aircraft, tanks, vehicles and machinery and equipment in many hydraulic systems, pneumatic systems fuel systems use a lot of silicone tube.

Automotive silicone tube inner layer directly withstand the wear of the transmission medium, erosion, and prevent leakage, the outer layer skeleton layer protection from external damage and erosion, skeleton layer is the layer of pressure hose, tube gives strength and stiffness. Operating pressure depends on the material and structure of the skeleton layer. According to their backbone layer material structure can be divided into full plastic hose (no fabric material), fabric hose (skeleton layer is a fabric layer), to attract hose (outer fabric layer and a layer of metal spiral), braided hose (skeleton layer of woven wire or fabric), winding hose (skeleton layer wire or cord winding layer), knitted hose (skeleton layer is a knitted fabric), short fiber hose (short fibers and rubber blend pressure is made). Which attract the hose under negative pressure work, steel braided hose or winding hose can withstand 80--600mpa even higher pressures.

Automotive silicone tube performance:

1. Using winding process made of high density, does not have a "trachoma";

2. Excellent anti-aging properties, resistant to oxygen, ozone resistance, light resistance, weather resistance, weak acid and alkali, high temperature resistance, excellent electrical insulation, arc resistance, good physical inertia and physiological stability;

3. Layer mesh reinforced, prolonged use at high temperatures, no hardening, no cracks, no burst pipe.

Silicone hoses in the car for five major systems: the cooling system, fuel system, cooling system, power steering and brake systems.

For most of the car, such as: Audi, BMW, Hummer, Mazda, Ford, Chevy, etc.

Silicone Hose 2016/7/4

Silicone rubber tube can be divided into "extrusion hose", "Pipes article." Silicone tube widely used in modern industry, defense industry and daily necessities. It can be used in the electronics industry conductive silicon rubber.

Silicone tubes characteristics: environmental pollution, rigorous testing by SGS, non-toxic, tasteless: fine silica gel wire, silicone tube (bar), high pressure silicone tube, gear-shaped silicone tube, sealed plastic strips and contour of the food-grade (no toxic) silicone tube (bar), medical silicone tube, medical silicone tube, braided silicone tube (working pressure for conveying liquid food, pharmaceuticals and biological products), medical silicone fittings, silicone seal, flame retardant tube (bar), silicone foam tube (bar), high temperature silicone tube; performance: cold temperature. Harmless, non-toxic and tasteless;

Silicone hoses apply to: small appliances (coffee pot, kettle, iron, rice cooker, frying pan, disinfection cabinet dispenser, pulp machine, toaster, gas appliance, water heaters, etc.) and electronic, supporting the automotive, medical and other mechanical products.

Good electrical insulation can be used in aviation, electronics, petroleum, chemical, mechanical, electrical, medical etc.

China Petroleum and Petrochemical Engineering Research Council. 2016/7/12

Our technical staff recently attended the China Petroleum and Petrochemical Engineering Research Council.

1. Participants

Design of each pressure pipes, manufacture, installation, operation, testing, alteration, maintenance and repair, use, inspection agency heads and related technical personnel; various oil and gas, coal gas, slurry pipeline system construction, planning, design, construction units, detection means, supervisory agencies and other units, project management and technical staff; gas company pipeline construction management, engineering, quality management, technology and equipment department, engineering department, production safety management department and other departments and technical personnel; various oil and gas industry association Related personnel.

2. The training content

(1) Pressure pipeline design, construction, operation, maintenance and repair of the current situation and the main problems;

(2) "Pressure Piping Code - long-distance pipeline," the main content interpretation (including: materials, design, line construction, station installation, nondestructive testing, pipeline trial operation, the pipeline use and maintenance, pipeline maintenance and repair, in-service pipeline), and for the future pressure pipeline construction, operation, management, maintenance and repair of the impact detection;

(3) the gap between China and developed countries in international pressure pipeline construction, operation, management, maintenance and repair aspects of difference; "Pressure Piping Code - Pipeline" and foreign advanced standards of difference analysis;

(4) pressure pipeline design, construction, maintenance and repair of new technologies and other relevant provisions of the project explained.

VP Automation Industrial Pipe Production Line 2016/8/1

February 2016, Hebei run special Rubber Products Co., the introduction of Italy VP equipment, automated industrial rubber tubes, 60 meters production lines. Specializing in the production and export of high quality industrial water hose, air pipe, tube chemical, food, rubber tube, blasting tubes, wear-resistant rubber pipes, concrete pipe, mud suction tube and so on. Stable quality, short delivery time, high production efficiency, good quality, greatly reducing labor costs while improving product quality.

Large-Diameter Reinforced Concrete Pipe. 2016/8/8

Slotted construction of reinforced concrete jacking pipes and construction method of reinforced concrete pipe municipal engineering more extensive use of a class of concrete pipe, mainly used in urban drainage pipe network, but with the continuous development of municipal water works, in new period of development, giving new meaning to the large-diameter reinforced concrete pipe, due to the reinforced concrete pipe has a good ability to withstand external loads, are more widely used as crossing the top tube and the pressure pipe casing large water project applications, due to the current large-scale water transfer projects increasing diameter, corresponding to the diameter reinforced concrete pipe demand will also increase, existing national and industry standards, the maximum diameter of 3500mm, has been unable to meet some of the water project requirements, the study of large-diameter reinforced concrete pipe manufacturing design has become an urgent problem to be solved.

Automotive Hose Industry 2016/8/22

Hose is widely used in industry, mainly in its natural ingredients above, with the gradual lifting of various industries, automotive hose industry is also increasingly concerned about the market, and it is divided into many types, each plays a different role, now I will explain it in details for you.

1. Radiator hoses: for the automotive radiator hose natural cooling, heat sink material as EPDM, synthetic fibers taken to enhance its structure, so that it has a breaking strength, ozone resistance, adhesion strength and other characteristics.

2. The fuel hose: Many brands now use fuel hose such as Audi, Jetta, Beverly, etc., depending on its uses aramid fibers, the inner layer made of fluorine rubber and epichlorohydrin rubber, the outer layer of epichlorohydrin rubber. It is a composition of fuel hose ready to work.

3. Air-conditioning hose: the first vintage car without air conditioning does not consider this issue, and now the car has air conditioning, so the air conditioning hose also came in handy in the design of air conditioning hose into account environmental issues, so they will have to improve on the technical content stand up.

4. The brake hose on the car is very strict quality requirements, related to the important parts of the vehicle and personal safety, has good resistance to aging and moisture permeability.

5. Power steering hose, power steering hose what is it? Mainly with the steering problem, automotive steering is very important, if the steering is a problem, our driving safety will not be guaranteed, choose heat resistance and corrosion-resistant hose is critical.

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