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Sandblasting Hose
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Applications of Sandblasting Hose:

The Sandblasting hose is mainly used for all kinds of tunnel engineering, roadway, caverns, slope protection spray anchor, and also widely applies to hydropower, mining, military defense and other sectors.

Characteristics of Sandblasting Hose:

Inner rubber: Made from polyurethane and butyl rubber (or natural, butadiene rubber) as main raw material, incorporating special reinforcing agent. Finished inner rubber is transparent yellow color (or black), with a high abrasion resistance, high toughness, high compressive strength and other characteristics. The wear index is 2-3 times than that of ordinary sandblasting hose, wining itself the name of "Wearable King" amongst all peers.

Reinforcement of Sandblasting Hose:

Fabric reinforced sandblasting hose is made from high quality rub tape as the enhancement layer, with good flexible and strong pressure.

Wire braided sandblasting hose is made from steel wire dedicated to braid hose with copperized rubber hose, with operation pressure 3-4 times than that of fabric braided rubber hose, high compressive strength and excellent bending resistance.

Parameters of Sandblasting Hose:

Fabric Reinforced Steam Rubber Hose
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